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Treetops Treetops Treetops

Unique In Every Way

Treetops is a truly exceptional building in every respect. Stunning and articulately designed with every last detail thoroughly thought through. Treetops offers a space that is subtle and elegant, yet completely intoxicating. The unique charm of this outstanding building really does make it the perfect place to chill out and enjoy treasured times with family and friends, show off your cocktail making skills and create many fond and lasting memories. With a range of bespoke options available this is a building that can be tailored to reflect your personal taste and meet your every need.

Options include:

- Thatched or Cedar Single Roof
- Choice of Different Timber Worktop
- Bench Cushion Set (inc back cushions)
- Canvas Panel Set
- Worktop Cut Outs
- Heater

Bespoke Options include:

- Slate Wine Rack
- Led Lighting Set
- Driftwood Coffee Table
- Concealed Waste Bin
- Wicker Basket Set
- Premium Fabric
- Led Lighting Set
- Chandelier Flute Holder
- Beer Barrel (5l)
- Beer Barrel (20l)
- Under Counter Fridge

Contact Sales for a free quotation on 01865 893940 or email:


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