Which one is better: a wooden, metal or bamboo gazebo?


Written By Anna Tompkins

Any garden would benefit significantly from having an outdoor gazebo. These garden features are ideal for hosting parties, family get-togethers or lounging in the shade. Additionally, gazebos can serve as a chic outdoor dining space for entertaining with options for bars, seating, heating and stunning lighting.

However, picking the ideal gazebo for your garden is a difficult choice. This advice will help in the selection of the ideal gazebo for your outdoor space.

The Differences Between Outdoor Wooden Gazebos, Metal Gazebos and Bamboo Gazebos


Consider a rustic wooden gazebo UK if you prefer a traditional appearance and feel. They are often made of pressure-treated wood that has been stained or painted to complement the decor of your garden. A wooden gazebo with a roof is a spectacular addition to any outdoor area, and it would make the best permanent gazebo for the UK. Roofs can be made from wood or look even more impressive if constructed with traditional thatch.

Aluminium and galvanised steel are used to make outdoor metal gazebos. These modern gazebos are the ideal accent to a contemporary space. You can design a smart garden feature, but they can look harsh compared to a wooden garden gazebo in the UK.

Bamboo gazebos are an excellent option because they require little maintenance. Bamboo is elegant in design and makes stunning dining settings with an Asian vibe. Bamboo is up there with an elegant wooden garden gazebo in the UK, as it sits better in the environment than metal structures.


Wooden gazebos are solid and long-lasting constructions. Made from sustainable Northern European redwoods with tight grain, they require little maintenance after being preservative treated. The wood does not shift or split even when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Also, the strength of the wood removes concerns about decay, warping or chipping. A wooden garden gazebo in the UK should see a lifespan of around 15 years.

Metal gazebos for the outdoors are incredibly solid and robust. They are built of steel and aluminium that are easily resistant to storms and inclement weather. Temperature changes won’t cause a metal gazebo to bend or fade in the sun or decay in the rain. Metal gazebos, though, run the risk of severely denting when the only remedy is a new expensive replacement panel. Aluminium also corrodes aggressively when in contact with galvanised steel, the main structural component of a metal gazebo.

Bamboo has many advantages over many other materials as it requires minimal maintenance. Bamboo is highly durable, but if of inferior quality or poorly treated, there is a high chance of the bamboo warping, cracking or snapping. You can only repair the damage by replacing it with new bamboo.


Hardwood gazebos do not need much aftercare. The wood is tight-grained, making it very hard and naturally repellent to moisture. With wood that has had a quality pressure treatment of preservatives, it will last for many years. The wood colour will gently “age” over the years through the weather but can quickly be returned to its natural beauty with a coat of wood stain.

Metal gazebos require significant maintenance. Although a quick washdown will make your gazebo look brighter, there are still issues with corrosion and painting. Aluminium and galvanised steel are not beyond the ravages of harsh winters.

Bamboo has many advantages over other materials. In addition to affordable prices and minimal maintenance, bamboo does not require special care. It can survive in all weather, but it is less robust than a hardwood gazebo.

Add Curtains or Gazebo Sides

A wooden gazebo with sides in the UK is the perfect garden addition. The sides allow you to continue using your stunning gazebo during the more severe weather, extending the enjoyment throughout the year.

So,which one is better: a wooden, metal or bamboo gazebo?

There is no other choice to be made other than a Wooden Gazebo. The quality of the materials and how a wooden gazebo blends with nature and instantly becomes a part of your garden makes it the obvious choice.

A wooden gazebo designed and built by a top-class company such as Julian Christian ensures you get the best craftsmanship and materials that produce an end result that no other materials can match.

Speak to any of our helpful staff, and you will make the same decision, wood is best!